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Comubia 12tph coke grinding mills

Material: Coke            Feeding Size: ≤10mm

Output Size: 0.5mm   Capacity: 12 t / h

Configuration: Hammer mill+ dryer + vibrating screen + belt conveyor+175 European Tech.grinding mill

Comubia 12tph coke grinding mills

The material has high water content, so we need to use the dryer for drying in advance. Because the output size of 0.5mm is thick, so after rough grinding with hammer mill,part of materials has meet the requirement, after screening, this part of the material will be transported by belt conveyor directly to the silo of finished products. The leaving part of > 0.5mm material will be transported to the 175 European Tech. grinding mill for re-grinding until meet the customer requirements. The customer is recognized for Kefid’s fast and efficient service, either pre-sale or after-sale let him experience the double excellent sevices of our products and personnel.

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