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High-speed railway construction promote VSI crusher to a new

Posted: 01/06/2011 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

It is large-scale, long-term, wide-range for the railway construction,which is effetively promote manufacturing of the processing equipments for aggregates. high speed railway construction put forward to a very high requirement to the graduation of aggregates, especially flakiness content in the basalt(dolerite) gravel. Only the cone crusher and impact crusher can not meet this requirement.

Based on this situation, Kefid Machinery Co.,Ltd. have manufactured a new Deep Rotor series VSI crusher for crushing and shaping with the most developped crushing and screening technology based on the general VSI crusher. DR series VSI crusher is the nessisary equipment for processing high-perfoemance concrete,aggregates and high-grade stone. After crushing and shaping by VSI crusher, the flakiness content is not more than 5%, and it is enough to meet the high requirement of high-performance aggregates used in the special industry.

Made by kefid machinery, the capacity of the stone crushing line which consist of DR VSI crusher ranges from 30 to 500 tons per hour. The output size and graduation can be adjusted according to the users' requirement, and it usually is 0-40mm. These aggregates and gravels made by kefid DR VSI crusher have a good shape and graduation, and with the flakiness content below 5%. They are successfully used in the Zhengzhou to Xi'an, Harbin to Dalian, Beijing to Shanghai high-speed railway passenger line.

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