Micro Powder Mill

Micro Powder Grinding Mill is a new type of mill for making super fine powder through more than 20 times of test and improvement. The fineness can reach to 0.038mm; Micro Powder Mill is mainly used for processing gypsum, calcspar, talc, and other materials used in painting, pigment and cosmetics industry.


Compared with jet mill, It is economic-cost, high-capacity, and the spare parts just need to exchange once a year; The bag filter is added to protect the environment.

Super fine micropowder Mill
Working Principle:
Motor of the Micro Powder Mill drives main draft and every layers of rotating disc to rotate through reducer, turntable will drive about ten rollers to rotate inside the roller ring channel through plug. Bulk materials will be crushed to small pieces by crusher and lifted to hopper. Materials will be feed evenly by vibration feeders to middle of the rotating disc and scattered to side of the circle under centrifugal effect and fall into the rotating channel of grinding ring to be crushed, grinded to powder. After the first crushing, materials will fall into the second and third layers. Absorbing effect of high pressure centrifugal fan will absorb air into the machine, and being brough to the separator by rough powder of the third crushing. Vortex flow generated by rotating vortex wheel of separator will force rough materials for regrinding, fine powder will enter into dust collector with airflow and discharged from the bottom and become the final products, while airflow will a little fine dust will pass the pulse dust removing device and be discharged from wind fan and muffler.

1. Low investment cost. With same fineness and motor power, it invest less comparing with airflow mill, stiring mill, ball mill, which is of low cost, short recovery period and twice more production capacity.


2. High powder outlet ratio. With same product fineness and energy comsumption, capacity is 45% higher comparing with airflow mill and stiring mill.


3. Less loss of wearable parts, long life span. All wearable parts are of high-quality abrasion resistent materials both at home and abroad, which has longer life span than ordinary mill, generally more than one year.


4. High security and reliability, running safely and stably in the grinding cavity. Comparing with ordinary mill, the super fine mill has advantages of no rolling draft, no bolts. Thus, there is no problem of wearness of drafts and other seal parts, which can avoid bolts loosing and machine damage.


5. High fineness of final product. Final fineness can reach d97≤5μm in one time.


6. Environmental and less pollution. High efficient pulse dust removing device is adopted, which can guarantee little dust pollution of the whole set of equipment. Muffler and silencer room are allocated, which will reduce dust pollution and noise and meet the national environment protection standard, and protect the surrounding environment.

Technical Parameter:

Mm to inch conversion: 25.4millimeters=1 inch
Mm to mesh conversion: 25.4mm=1in.
The humidity and hardness of raw materail will affect the fineness and capacity.

Model HGM60 HGM80 HGM100
Roller number 15 21 27
Diameter (mm) Φ600 Φ800 Φ1000
Ring number 2 2 2
Main unit speed(mm) 235 235 235
Max. feeding size(mm) 10 10 10
Final size (mesh) 325-2500 325-2500 325-2500
Capacity (kg/h) 350-2500 600-4000 900-6000
Overall dimension (m) 10×2×5.5 12.4×2.5×5.8 14.5×3.8×6.3


Note: Any change of Three-Rings & Medium-Speed MicroPowder Mill technical data shall not be advised additionally.


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