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Rare earth powder processing equipment

Posted: Mar 02, 2017 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:
Rare earth has the reputation of"industrial vitamins". After ground into powder,it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, ceramics, glass and other fields.
As the Asian high-end crushing and milling equipment production and export base, Kefid developed and produced patented products - European type grinding mill can help rare earth fine powder processing, comprehensively enhance and expand its application value and areas.
The production line adopts vertical structure and mainly composed of the host, fan, separator, special dust collector, whirlwind collector, pipeline device and motor components. Supporting auxiliary equipment include jaw crusher, bucket hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, silo, power distribution cabinet and so on.
The main machine, MTW series European type grinding mill is the patented product which absorb the latest European grinding technology and concept with a number of independent patented technology property rights. It uses many latest patented technology such as bevel gear overall drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, curved air duct. The main components are made of high quality steel.The machine is durable and reliable. It is the best substitute product of traditional raymond mill and is widely used in rare earth, iron ore, kaolin, bentonite, limestone, calcium carbonate, calcite, dolomite, gypsum and other mineral processing, widely praised by customers.

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