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Limonite processing equipment

Posted: May 18, 2017 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:
Limonite is a kind of minerals with low iron contents, but the use efficiency is relatively high. It refers to several iron ore collectively, including goethite, water needle iron ore. Because of the small particles and difficult to distinguish, it is unified called limonite.
Limonite generated for vulcanization between the acid residual igneous rocks and limestone contact with each other, and formed by long-term oxidation later. This ore has low iron content, but has loose texture, easy to be processed, therefore, limonite is a very important ore.
Kefid has a lot of experience in ore processing. For different properties of the ore, we design and produce different types of crushers which have been fully applied in the market.The main crusher types are: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher,sand making machine, etc. We can provide support and help in limonite processing.

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