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Over feeding size stone will cause serious damage on the grinding mill

Posted: Dec 22, 2016 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:
There are different types of hardness stone in the nature, but regardless of soft or medium hardness of stone, in the production process will cause varying degrees of wear and tear on the grinding mill. The too large feeding material will accelerate the speed of wear and reduce machine life.
Specific performance in:
1. The feeding inlet size of each model mill are clearly defined, the feeding material is too large will cause the stuck.
2. The feeding material can not into the entrance will cause accumulation, low production efficiency and other issues。
3. Large stones into the grinding chamber will seriously wear the parts.
4. Stone is too large will increase the burden of mill operation and the failure rate of machine.
5. With the same capacity, larger stone will shorten the life of mill and reduce the mill life.
To avoid the occurrence, you only need to strictly control the size of the feeding material.It can be equipped with a small deep chamber jaw crusher to crush the raw material into the stone inlet caliber size. If the material is soft, we can select hammer crusher, secondary crusher and other crushing equipments.

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