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How to cope with the problem of producing powder abnormal by Raymond Mill?

Posted: Feb 23, 2018 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

Raymond mill is one of important grinding mills. With the obvious advantages, it has received high praise from customers around the world. It has been widely used in many fields, so it has become a common grinding mill. However, in the actual processing, it is easy to cause producing powder abnormal because of improper operation or not timely maintenance, which will seriously affect production efficiency and product quality.

There are several reasons that cause producing powder abnormal. At first, the reverse inhalation phenomenon, caused by bad sealing of the powder lock device will lead to produce powder inability or insufficient. So you should better check the seal of the powder lock and adjust the seal degree. Secondly, the wear of blade will cause poor classification, the powder will too coarse or too thin, which can not meet the requirement. Under these circumstances, it’s time to check the wear of blade and change it timely. The air volume of Raymond mill should be adjusted to the appropriate size to ensure the powder quality.

Besides, after a period of processing it is need to overhaul regularly, which includes checking important parts and changing damaged parts. If your equipment has problems affecting operation, please contact us in time. Our professional maintenance personnel will give you telephone guidance or on-site solution at the fastest speed.


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