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Product Knowledge

Equipment recommendation for processing bentonite

Jan 31, 2018 Click:134

Bentonite is a non-metallic mineral with montmorillonite as the main mineral component. It has wide application because of its special features, such as adhesion, adsorbability, catalysis and so on. The different application need different processing...

S5X Vibrating Screen

Jan 20, 2018 Click:118

In the crushing and sand-making production line, we always often not only require the crusher or the sand machine, but also need a series of supporting equipment to complete the whole production process. Among them, vibrating screen is a very importa...

Precautions for the use of grinding mill

Jan 19, 2018 Click:193

In the grinding industries, it is important to choose a suitable equipment. Kefid, as a professional crushing and grinding equipment supplier, launched a series of crusher and grinding mill. We will recommend proper equipment depend on your demand. I...

How to exchange the broken wall of cone crusher?

Jan 18, 2018 Click:103

Broken wall is the main part of the cone crusher used to crush the material. In the cone crushing operation, improper operation or the wrong hardness materials will make the broken walls damaged easily, which needs to replace the broken walls in orde...

What is the cleaning equipment used for making coal powder?

Jan 16, 2018 Click:80

Coal is the most abundant and widely distributed fossil fuel on the earth. It has wide application, such as power generation, steam locomotives, building materials, industrial boilers, metallurgy, living coal and so on. At present, industrial develop...

How to maintain the jaw crusher?

Jan 15, 2018 Click:77

The jaw crusher is one of the most important equipment in a series of crusher launched by Kefid. It has wide application, such as preparation of building materials, mining of mines, sand making and other fields. It can be used for crushing all kinds...