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What equipment is needed to process green building materials in granodiorite ore?

May 24, 2018 Click:162

Some time ago, there was a client investment plan for an annual output of 5 million tons of green building materials, using ground fixed coarse crushing technology, and a total of four kinds of building stone products, including particle size of 31.5...

Why is it so popular

May 16, 2018 Click:166

In 1858, American Black invented the first jaw crusher, which has been popular in the crushing industry for many years with outstanding performance advantages. However, with the development of economy and technology and the change of market demand, j...

About breakage, it's worth recommending

May 14, 2018 Click:119

HPT series hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of high efficiency crusher, which is based on the many years experience of kefid, combining with the development of modern science and technology and market demand. It can be widely used in metal and no...

What kind of crusher can reach 200 tons per hour?

May 04, 2018 Click:176

In recent years, the expressway construction project has developed rapidly and has become an important part of the long-term infrastructure planning. The data show that the aggregate consumption of sand and gravel per kilometre is 5-6 million tons, a...

What is the process of the copper ore grinding powder?

Apr 28, 2018 Click:124

Copper powder is the product of copper ore. It is widely used in powder metallurgy, electrical carbon products, electronic materials, metal coatings, electronic aviation and so on. Therefore, it has maintained a high market demand. Moreover, copper o...

Recommendation of primary crushing equipment for mine crushing.

Apr 13, 2018 Click:150

There are obvious advantage and inferiority in mine crushing industry. At first, construction development make the market demand for sand and gravel aggregate continuous increasing. So, the potential of mine crushing industry is huge. However, projec...


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