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How to exchange the broken wall of cone crusher?

Posted: Jan 18, 2018 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

Broken wall is the main part of the cone crusher used to crush the material. In the cone crushing operation, improper operation or the wrong hardness materials will make the broken walls damaged easily, which needs to replace the broken walls in order to continue their work. Replacing the broken wall need to focus on the following questions:

Before replacement, the lining board, the body or the adjusting sleeve should be preheated evenly to avoid the accidental damage. A layer of lubricating oil should be coated on the inner surface of the liner, which can not only avoid moisture, but also avoid adhesion between the zinc alloy and the lining plate. After pouring, the superfluous zinc alloy adhered to the surface of the broken wall and other surfaces should be carefully cleaned. After 6-8 hours of replacement of the broken wall, the tightening condition should be checked. The loosening should be fastened immediately.

Besides, the damage of broken wall should be avoided in production. Firstly, you should check whether oil pressure meet requirement or not. It is beat to clean the tube regularly to make it smooth. Secondly, the operation process should be strictly in accordance with the instructions, and the operator should be trained to avoid the error of operation. What’s more, checking the parts of cone crusher can make it run normally in a good state.


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