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Categories and Usage of Granite

Posted: 21/12/2011 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

Crushedgranite is excellent filler for concrete, and used in the concreting ofmonolithic structures, as well as drainage works and construction, and foundations.

Severalcategories of granite and its main use:

1.Crushed granite 5-20 mm: foundation works, concrete production,concrete-structures. This kind belong to the most demanded and consumed categoryof crushed granite.

2. Crushed granite 20-40 mm: a similar application as the fraction 5-20 - for the production of concrete, foundation work. This category can be applied tolarger concrete products with higher requirements for durability.

3. Crushed granite 40-70 mm: used to produce the most massive concretestructures.

4. Crushed granite 50-70-100 mm: also known as quarry stone. Used in the construction of dams and hydraulic structures character, laying the foundationand walls of unheated buildings. Also used for decorative purposes.

Kefid Machinery Co., Ltd offers complex equipment for the production of sand,gravel and stone, for example, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher,mobile crusher, etc. These crushers can crush materials to a small size. Thematerials can be used in many industries.


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