Kefid service centers span the globe and are conveniently located to deliver prompt and complete service to keep your job moving forward. Our teams of technicians offer years of experience and offer services ranging from routine maintenance and accident repairs to customization and reconditioning.

We dispatch the experienced techncian to guide you installation and commissioning;
We dispatch the experienced technician to inspect and assess your machinery condition;
We offers efficient, cost-effective repair and rebuild services for you;
We offers technical support, to provide you with Process circuit evaluation.

Spare Parts

Original spare parts is the heart of crushing & screening plant. Kefid supplies quality original parts to protect your investment and our knowledgeable product specialists help ensure you receive exactly what you need to get your equipment back on the job.

Our parts are designed for optimum quality, fit, form and function, to provide you the lowest operational cost and best profitability. Our current production lines of equipment count on full parts supply and technical support.

Training And Education

Knowledge is power. Based in the classroom, workshop, out in the field or underground, we teach both theory and practice, infusing the relevant precautions, techniques, routines and remedies we have devised to ensure maximum safety, to save time and money by increasing production, reducing downtime and overall, operating more efficiently.

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