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Marble milling line in Macleay, Ethiopia

MATERIAL :   marble
OUTPUT SIZE :   100mesh
CAPACITY (MM) :   6t/h
APPLICITION :   Terrazzo
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Crushing Process:
Marble bulk materials crushed by the crusher can enter the fineness of the material into the mill, the lift sent to the bunker, and then by the vibration feeder to its uniform quantitative into the mill grinding room for grinding, after grinding the material is sorted by the classifier, and the powder meeting the fineness goes through the pipeline and enters into the dust collector for separation and collection, and then sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device.
This line finishes in February,2015,includes MTW110 grinding mill and ancillary equipment.Equipment put into operation, the customer evaluation of product stability is better, is a very cost-effective products.
Necessary Equipment
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