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Uzbekistan 3-5t/h lime grinding plants

Material :  Lime
Output Size :  100 mesh
Capacity :  3-5t/h
Configuration :  TGM100 mill
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1. Broken
The limestone bulk material is crushed into a fineness (15mm-50mm) into the mill.
2. milling
After the broken limestone pieces of material by the hoist to the silo, and then by the vibration feeder to its uniform quantitative into the mill grinding room for grinding.
After grinding the material by the separator for grading, unqualified powder was classified after the separator to return to the host to re-grinding.
4. Set the powder
Fineness of the powder with the air flow through the pipeline into the dust collector for separation and collection, the collection of finished powder from the discharge port by the conveyor to the finished silo, and then unified with a loaded tanker or automatic baler for packaging.
Customer feedback
The customer visited our factory and is very satisfied with our production, feeding the material and welding processes. While our company's reputation in the industry for many years let him make sure he found the most suitable supplier. In the installation process, our company’s perfect customer service has won more trust, so the customer is prepared to be model client of Kefid in Uzbekistan to facilitate KEFID open up their markets. At present, the device is running well with stability, the customer is very satisfied with us.
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