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Heavy calcium carbonate particles are irregular in shape, mostly dispersed powders, and the average particle size is generally 5-10 μm. Different fineness powder application fields are not the same. For example, the powder within 200 meshes can be used for various feed additives. The calcium content is 55.6 or more without harmful components. The 350 mesh-400 mesh powder can be used for manufacturing the buckle plate and falling into the water. pipelines, chemicals, and whiteness are above 93 degrees. Therefore, the inspection of heavy calcium raw materials is an important measure for the application prospect of heavy calcium. Cofield has rich experience in heavy calcium milling, high-end precision testing equipment, can quickly help customers in raw material analysis and testing, including particle size analysis, product screening rate and other finished product inspection, with real and reliable analysis of data helping customers to develop markets in different areas according to different granularities in order to more accurately position the market.


According to the market demand for different areas of heavy calcium powder, Kefid after years of practice, devote themselves to research and development for a full set of tungsten powder grinding equipment, which covers the fine sand, coarse powder, fine powder, micro powder and other fields, according to customer fineness, production, investment and other requirements can be diversified options.

MTW-Series European Tech. Grinding Mill

Production capacity :2-50t/h

Equipment mature and stable, low operating costs;
Exclusive use of thin oil lubrication, advanced transmission;
Frequency conversion powder, high precision;
Integrated solution, energy saving and environmental protection.

VM - Vertical Grinding Mill

Production capacity :10-300t/h

Low operating costs, stable and reliable;
The use of gas transport materials, drying capacity;
Product quality and stability, uniform particle size;
Maintenance between, energy saving and environmental protection.

Micro Powder Mill


Low investment costs, low loss of wearing parts;
High rate of powder, high cost fineness;
Grinding chamber operation safe and reliable;
Using pulse dust collector, environmental pollution.

LUM-Series Ultra Fine Vertical Grinding Mill

Production capacity :5-18t/h

Material layer grinding, high product quality;
Host speed using frequency control, for a wide range;
Roller liner with high quality materials, long life and long wear;
Fully automatic control, easy to operate.

Environmental Advantages

1. The system is totally sealed and fully operated under negative pressure, and basically no dust spills can be realized.

2. The system equipment is small, the structure is simple, only 50% of the ball mill, and can be arranged in the open air, greatly reducing the floor space and construction costs, capital return quickly;

3. The use of pulse dust collection system for efficient dust collection, the efficiency of up to 99%, effectively prevent long-term powder backlog, is one of the well-developed equipment that kefid complies with market demand;

4. Compared with the ball mill, the energy consumption is low 40%-50%; and the whole system has little vibration and low noise. The roller limit device is adopted to effectively avoid severe vibration and the performance is more reliable.

Technical Support

From on-site inspections to program planning, from technical training to installation and commissioning, whether it is an entire production line or insignificant gear that exceeds $10 million, no matter where you are, just a phone call or an e-mail, we will be the shortest time feedback or on-site guidance.

Product Service

Accessories Center
Original spare parts is the heart of crushing & screening plant. Kefid supplies quality original parts.

Delivery Inspection
Strictly detect by man and machine before the products leaving the factory.

Maintenance and Repair
Kefid provides customers comprehensive knowledge of maintenance and repair technique.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm