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construction waste disposal


Building waste treatment plants have turned to the exploration of the new model, which are mainly environmentally advanced mobile crushing plants. The device can effectively solve the above problems, also will increase the production and processing of aggregate application range , mainly used for municipal, highway construction industry, a small part of the supply system the brickyard or other industry use.

Crushing Processing Flow

Construction waste recycling project is generally concentrated in the cities, and city in the land is relatively tight material supply base building waste treatment plants built model of its obvious advantages:
1. Investment relatively small and easy to manage;
2. Factories less land, materials fast turnover;
3.The use of advanced mobile crushing plants operating, environmental protection and good is not easy to cause secondary pollution, but also when dealing with a large amount when crushing task to the completion of the construction site, reduce traffic and save on shipping pressure;
4. Lower floor construction waste transit costs, low operating costs. 

Necessary Equipments


100tph construction waste Mobile crushing line

MATERIAL: construction waste

OUTPUT SIZE: 0-10mm,10-20mm,20-40mm

CAPACITY: 100 tph


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm