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Full set of production line equipment for natural quartz stone processing plant, kefid sand making machine and grinding mill

2018 12 10 Click:203

With the development of science and technology, the use of quartzite has also increased and expanded. After processing, quartzite can be widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy,...

I want to buy a grinding equipment, what is the good recommendation?

2018 12 05 Click:134

As one of the production bases of crushing and screening equipment, industrial grinding equipment and mineral processing equipment in China, Kefid recommends two kinds of grinding equipment for you. And we will introduces their respective advantages...

What equipment is used for stone processing?

2018 12 04 Click:57

The main considerations for equipment selection can be summarized as follows: (1) Jaw crusher is used for primary crushing.The jaw crusher is stable and supplied continuously. In this way, the crusher will be filled with materials to ensure that the m...

What are the advantages of Deep rotor VSI crusher compared with the traditional sand making machine?

2018 11 01 Click:143

The Deep rotor VSI crusher produced by kefid has many patents. It is a new type of high-efficiency crusher which imported German technology. The Deep rotor VSI crusher is the key equipment in sand making field. Compared with the traditional sand maki...

The difference between fixed crusher and mobile crusher

2018 10 19 Click:144

The fixed crusher mainly refers to the crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine. The mobile crusher is upgraded on the basis of the fixed crusher and is equipped with the vehicle system (tire type a...

Maintenance of Mobile Crushing Station in Winter

2018 10 16 Click:193

The mobile crushing station equipment produced by Kefid Machinery should be lubricated as required. The small and medium-sized equipment is mainly lubricated regularly with grease and lubricating oil. For large equipment, if a cone crusher and a larg...