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Compared with ordinary impact crusher, CI5X impact crusher has advantages in limestone crushing

Posted: 2020 11 19 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 102

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is widely distributed in nature and can be used as a large amount of construction aggregate after being crushed.

Limestone is a medium-low-hardness rock, which is relatively easy to crush. There are actually many crushers available. The key to choosing a crusher depends on your requirements for the particle size of the finished stone and the energy consumption of the equipment.

For limestone crushing, the general equipment for the primary crushing is jaw crusher, and for the secondary crushing, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and other machines can be used. Among them, impact crusher is particularly common.

In the past, when customers chose impact crusher as the secondary crusher, they were always limited by the small capacity of impact crusher that could not meet the requirements of large-scale stone production lines. Now, with the new generation of CI5X impact crusher, the output is no longer an obstacle to choose impact crusher.


Compared with ordinary impact crusher, the advantages of CI5X impact crusher in limestone crushing are as follows:

1. First, the output problem was solved. CI5X impact crusher integrated the application of high-precision rotor with large moment of inertia, involute crushing cavity and other new scientific research results, and the output was greatly increased. In the past, ordinary impact crusher had a large output of 200-300 tons, while CI5X impact crusherIT were dominated by large-scale machines, with an hourly output of 250-2000 tons.

Take the CI5X1520 impact crusher and crushing limestone project as an example. The actual output of a single machine can reach 350-400 tons, and the two machines form a 700-800 tons per hour crushing production line.

2. The machine is more durable. We all know that the impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium and low hardness stones. In the past, the wear problem of impact crusher was also the concern of customers.

High-quality raw materials are the basis for prolonging the service life of the crusher. The new CI5X impact crusher is made of high-strength steel, the plate hammer is made of high-wear materials, the rotor is made of low-temperature resistant high-strength steel, and the heavy-duty rotor adopts an integral welding process with high precision, strong impact resistance, therefore, CI5X impact crusher is more wear-resistant and durable than ordinary impact crusher.

3. CI5X impact crusher adopts a multi-functional full hydraulic operating system, which realizes full hydraulic adjustment of discharge size and full hydraulic top opening to exchange wearing parts. Compared with ordinary impact crusher, CI5X impact crusher is more convenient to operate and maintain, which can reduce labor and time costs.

At present, many large-scale stone production lines are equipped with a new type of CI5X impact crusher. You can make an appointment to see the equipment production on the spot.

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