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Maintenance of Mobile Crushing Station in Winter

Posted: 2018 10 16 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 718

The mobile crushing station equipment produced by Kefid Machinery should be lubricated as required. The small and medium-sized equipment is mainly lubricated regularly with grease and lubricating oil. For large equipment, if a cone crusher and a large jaw crusher are used, there is usually a forced lubrication system. At this point, you should always pay attention to the oil temperature, oil pressure, oil quantity and other parameters. Also ,you need to tighten loose fasteners.

During the operation of mobile crushing station equipment, we should watch out product quality and production rate. If abnormal quality, production rate, noise and amplitude, the failure of crusher, vibrating screen or screen surface damage may occur.

The maintenance plan of mobile crushing station equipment is put forward according to the maintenance requirements of all parts of machinery. Because the maintenance plan of each machine is different, when conditions permit, part of the machine can be replaced for maintaining . This can save the maintenance time and improve the equipment utilization rate.


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