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I want to buy a grinding equipment, what is the good recommendation?

Posted: 2018 12 05 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 854

As one of the production bases of crushing and screening equipment, industrial grinding equipment and mineral processing equipment in China, Kefid recommends two kinds of grinding equipment for you. And we will introduces their respective advantages as follows, which one to choose according to your needs.

VM - Vertical Grinding Mill

Single machine output: 50-128T /H

1. Stable product quality

The product stays in the mill for a short time, it is easy to detect and control product granularity and chemical composition. It can also reduce repeated grinding and stabilize product quality.

2. High drying efficiency

The hot air from the outside into the mill can fully contact with materials and has a strong drying ability. It not only saves energy, but also meets the requirements of materials with different humidity.

3. Low operating cost

The grinding roller grinds the material directly on the grinding disc, which has low energy consumption; The grinding roller and the grinding disc do not contact directly in the work. The grinding roller and the lining plate are made of good quality materials with long service life and less wear.

4. Environmental protection and cleaning

Small vibration, low noise, and the equipment is sealed as a whole. The system works under negative pressure, no dust spill and meeting the national environmental protection requirements.

The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, and the screening rate can reach more than 99%.

MTW Series Heavy Trapezoid Mill

Single machine output: 3.5-45T/H

1. High efficiency transmission

It adopts bevel gear overall drive which makes the transmission ratio accurate and energy-consumption few so the capacity and efficiency have been improved.

2. Technology maturity

The new internal thin oil lubrication system can achieve bearing lubrication without additional oil pump or lubricating station. Curved air duct greatly improves fan efficiency.

3. Low cost and consumption

The system with compact layout and low investment cost integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying into one. No resistance air inlet volute and the same resistance layout, it can reduce the system loss.

4. Environmental protection

Beautiful curved design reduces the risk factor of manual operation; Air self-circulation system and dust collector carry out the concept of environmental protection to the end.

If you decide which one to buy, please leave your information online and our customer service staff will contact you in time.


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