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Kefid VM - Vertical Grinding Mill improves the powder production efficiency of cement industry

2018 12 10 Click:141

Cement drying is to reduce the moisture content of slag and other materials, its purpose is to improve the grinding efficiency and realize energy saving and consumption reduction. Too low temperature will also lead to a decrease in evaporation intens...

How to classify concrete?

2018 12 05 Click:60

1.According to apparent density: Concrete can be divided into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and lightweight concrete according to the apparent density. The difference between the three types of concrete is the aggregate. Heavy concrete is more th...

How much is it to invest in a quarry?

2018 12 04 Click:172

As we all know, stone is building materials,highway construction materials and other common materials. Mining gravel plant known as gravel yard, processing gravel plant known as stone yard or stone factory. First of all, about the question of how muc...

Kefid 700 tons per hour granite production line

2018 11 15 Click:90

The processing materials of this project is granite. After the materials are crushed in three stages, the finished aggregates are used in the construction field. Design Processing material: granite Capacity: 700t/h Discharge size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-2...

How much is the river pebble sand making machine that produces 1000 cubic per day?

2018 11 01 Click:119

How much is the river pebble sand making machine that produces 1000 cubic per day? With the development of infrastructure construction in our country, the demand for sand and gravel is also increasing rapidly. It is resulting in excessive exploitatio...

The difference between dry sand and wet sand making

2018 10 25 Click:177

The difference between the dry sand method and the wet sand method is that different treatment schemes are adopted for the stone powder and the mud content in the mechanism sand. 1. Dry sand production: The dry sand production process is later than t...