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The construction methods and technological processes of tunnel slag processing sand and gravel aggregates

Posted: 2021 01 15 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 160

Processing tunnel slag into sand and gravel aggregate is a relatively reasonable and economically valuable utilization method. In view of the complex processing environment of tunnel slag, today I will introduce the construction plan and technology process related to the tunnel slag processing into sand and gravel aggregate.

1. Excavation

Use blasting and excavator to excavate the slag/gravel. During the excavation process, the excavation method should be determined according to the type of rock, the degree of weathering, and the degree of joint development. After excavation, preliminary on-site inspection should be carried out first, that is, visual observation and hammer and other tools should be used for percussion inspection based on experience. After the initial inspection meets relevant requirements, it will be sent to the laboratory for precise inspection. Mass transportation can be carried out after the inspection is qualified.

2. Transportation

Using excavators for digging and loading, dump trucks transport to the raw material area of the gravel processing plant.


3. Processing

The tunnel slag is used to process sand and gravel aggregates. According to different processing conditions, 2-4 crushing processes can be adopted.

Two-stage crushing: that is, jaw crusher + impact crusher, or jaw crusher + cone crusher. The second stage crushing can produce 5-10mm, 10-15mm, 15-20mm, 20-31.5mm construction gravel.

Three-stage crushing: jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine, or jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine, with more sand making links, discharging different specifications of gravel, but also output 0-5mm mechanism sand.

It can be seen from the configuration that the difference between the two-stage crushing and the three-stage crushing lies in the secondary crushing. If the raw material of the cave slag is low to medium hardness, the secondary crusher can be impact crusher; if the raw material is medium-high hardness, the secondary crusher is cone crusher.

Four-stage crushing: jaw crusher + single-cylinder cone crusher + multi-cylinder cone crusher + sand making machine, or other combinations.

The above are the common configuration schemes and processing technological processes for tunnel slag processing sand and gravel aggregates. The entire production line also requires feeders, vibrating screens, belt conveyors and other ancillary equipment, which can be increased or decreased in actual conditions.


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