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What equipment is used for stone processing?

Posted: 2018 12 04 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 581

The main considerations for equipment selection can be summarized as follows:
(1) Jaw crusher is used for primary crushing. The jaw crusher is stable and supplied continuously. In this way, the crusher will be filled with materials to ensure that the materials in the crushing chamber will squeeze each other so that the flat or long-strip particles will fracture along the thin section.
(2) Secondary crushing should choose impact crusher or HPT hydraulic cone crusher. Impact crusher is crush the stone by impacting, most of the produced stone is cubic, needle - like content is less. Although HPT hydraulic cone crusher is attrition crushing, there are few needle plates. Because it realizes lamination crushing, the crushing of particles not only occurs between particles and lining plates, but also between particles and particles , which can be crush many times. So the product has a good particle size. In addition, the HPT hydraulic cone crusher is widely used because it works stably with a low failure rate.
(3) Adjust the discharge port ratio of the primary crushing to the secondary crushing to realize balanced production and reduce the gravel content.
The correct selection of stone production equipment can not only meet the actual production needs, but also meet the particle size requirements of aggregates. It can also improving production efficiency and saving construction costs, which makes great significance for on-site production and construction. Welcome to consult Kefid Machinery, the experts in stone production equipment.

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