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The difference between VSI6S Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher and Deep Rotor VSI Crusher

Posted: 2018 09 25 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 249

Both VSI6S Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher and Deep Rotor VSI Crusher are the main series products of  Kefid Machineyr in the sand-making machine market at present, and they are occupying a very high market share.

In appearance, the inlet of Deep Rotor VSI Crusher is round, which is made of whole casting, so it is more conducive to material falling.

In principle, the VSI6S Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher adopts the "stone to stone" crushing mode, which is mainly applied to the shaping and crushing of stone materials: motor drives spindle of the transmission part of bearing barrel to rotate at a high speed, and the rotor rotates at a high speed with spindle. The material entering the impeller is accelerated by the impeller and then sprayed into crushing cavity, and the material formed in the crushing cavity. The lining material impacts and grinds each other, converts the kinetic energy obtained by accelerating the material into the energy needed by crushing or shaping the material. The material circulated repeatedly in the crushing chamber is crushed and shaping repeatedly under the action of the surrounding gas eddy current, thus realizing the continuous crushing and shaping of the material and discharging from the lower part of the body to form the required finished product material.

About Deep Rotor VSI Crusher, material can be thrown directly into the rotor after centrifugal acceleration, and it can be crushed by collision with the surrounding guard plate. It can also be divided into distributors through the bulk tray. One part is scattered around the rotor, the other part is accelerated into the rotor and rushed out of the surrounding scattered material collision, friction, and with the surrounding guard plate collision, rebound, forming a cyclic impact. As the crushing proceeds, the small particulate material gradually forms a material layer curtain near the protective plate, which improves the crushing effect and protects the equipment. The finished product conforming to the specifications is discharged from the lower outlet.

Both VSI6S Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher and Deep Rotor VSI Crusher are equipped with hydraulic boom, which can greatly simplify the maintenance process of sand making machine, improve production efficiency and save production costs. If customers want to buy sand making machines, they are good choices.


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