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The difference between fixed crusher and mobile crusher

Posted: 2018 10 19 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 384

The fixed crusher mainly refers to the crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine. The mobile crusher is upgraded on the basis of the fixed crusher and is equipped with the vehicle system (tire type and crawler type). The vehicle body is equipped with crushing (may be jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher, sand making machine or combination), screening, conveying and other equipment.
1. In terms of throughput, the large fixed crusher has a larger capacity than the mobile crusher.
2. In terms of cost, the fixed crusher needs to purchase a variety of auxiliary equipment (vibration feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, etc.).It is necessary to form a crushing production line to complete the production of stone and mechanism sand; the mobile crusher set crushing,screening,conveying in one.It adopts a common body structure and can replace the main machine or upgrade the equipment. Therefore, although the investment cost of the mobile crusher is high in the early stage, the preservation space is more in the later stage.
3. Compared with the fixed crusher, the mobile crusher has the outstanding advantage that it can be moved without changing the installation, and the production site can be changed. This is suitable for small quarry and mobile gravel production projects. If your quarry is large,the processing capacity is large and there is no need to move, it is recommended to choose fixed crusher.
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