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The common faults and treatment methods of sand making machine

Posted: 2020 12 17 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 111

Fault 1: The value of the ammeter is abnormal

This is a relatively common failure, or a precursor to failure. The improper feeding amount of the crusher hopper, excessive accumulation of material in the crusher cavity, blockage of the crusher discharge hole, slippage of the V-belt, motor damage, partial mechanical or electrical failure will cause the data of the ammeter to be abnormal.

Treatment method: the feeding belt selects the appropriate feeding speed, clears the material blocking, repairs the motor, replaces the V-belt, finds specific mechanical or electrical faults.


Fault 2: Bearing, motor, or oil return station temperature is too high

When the temperature exceeds the standard, stop the machine for inspection. The motor is overloaded for a long time; the bearing barrel is damaged, the operator should pay attention to the sound of the bearing when it is running. If the sound changes, especially when the sound is low and muffled, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated; the bearing lacks lubricant; the lubricant drain is blocked, causing the pressure in the bearing box to increase, causing grease failure.

Treatment method: appropriately reduce the motor load; replace damaged bearings; add grease; dredge the grease drain groove.

Fault 3: The crusher has excessive vibration and abnormal wear

Uneven wear of the impeller distributor; uneven material accumulation in the crushing chamber; damage to the damping pad; loose connection between the impeller and the main shaft; damage to the main bearing; loose bolts, etc.

Treatment method: check the wear of the impeller, the distributor and related wear blocks, replace the corresponding throwing head; check the material accumulation in the crushing cavity, adjust the feed speed; replace the vibration damping pad; replace the main bearing; loosen tightening bolts. The uneven wear of the throwing head of the distributor in the impeller is mostly caused by the unreasonable angle of the material plate; the wear of the outer wall of the crushing chamber is caused by excessive crushing accumulation. The accumulation amount and characteristics of the accumulation have a great relationship with the service life of the throwing head.

If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the daily operation of the sand making machine, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance to avoid greater losses.


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