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The factors that need to be considered when choosing gyratory crusher

Posted: 2021 01 15 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 284

1. The main engine and auxiliary equipment and civil engineering of the gyratory crusher have a large investment, but the operating cost is low, so it is suitable for the working conditions of long service life and long annual crushing operation time.

2. The processing capacity of a single unit should not be less than 1500t/h.

3. Due to the small using amount of gyratory crusher, the main castings or forgings are large and the technical requirements are high, so the processing and manufacturing cycle is long. When choosing gyratory crusher, you should consider how to control the product quality to ensure that there is no potential risk in the installation and operation of the equipment after the arrival of the goods.


4. When the rock is hard rock and highly abrasive rock, gyratory crusher can be considered for primary crushing.

5. When selecting gyratory crusher for primary crushing, due to the large single-line production capacity, it is necessary to consider whether the transportation equipment is matched. 

6. The design of the dump truck receiving bin should take into account the size of the dump truck and optimize the design. Generally, the effective live volume of the bin should not be less than the load capacity of 3 vehicles.

When the above analysis shows that it is not suitable to use the gyratory crusher for primary crushing, you can consider choosing a jaw crusher or primary impact crusher for primary crushing.


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