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The factors that affect the quality of mill rollers

Posted: 2021 04 09 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 538

There is an important accessory in the main machine of grinding mill-the grinding roller. The quality of the grinding roller is good to ensure the normal operation of the mill. How to maintain the grinding roller? Let's share with our customers below:

1. Check the grinding roller after it is installed on the machine tool. Check carefully before use to eliminate hidden dangers and possible failures.

2. Do the work that should be done before starting the machine tool: Before starting the machine tool, observe whether there are unnecessary objects around the machine tool and up and down, check whether there is dirt on the exposed guide rail surface of the machine tool rail, and check whether the position of the handle and the striker are appropriate and firm.


3. Pay attention to the problem of dust removal during grinding roller polishing: a lot of sand dust and fine iron filings will be produced when grinding rollers are polished, timely measures should be taken to eliminate them, otherwise it will not only pollute the environment, but also shorten the use life of machine tool guides and transmission parts.

The surface roughness of the roller body: the quality of the surface roughness of the roller body is directly related to the quality of the powder product and the powder extraction rate.


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