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The factors for the wear of the roller skin of the roller sand making machine

Posted: 2021 03 19 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 450

Hydraulic roller sand making machine is also called hydraulic roller crusher or cobblestone sand making machine. It is to upgrade the old spring roller sand making machine and replace the original spring with a hydraulic device to control the pressure of the equipment. It is suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing of various high and medium hardness (160Mpa) ores in industrial sectors such as coal, mineral processing, sintering, cement, chemicals, refractory materials, silicate, glass, abrasives, ceramics, and building materials. Especially for the production in the steel sand crushing industry and the building materials industry, it has a better effect than ordinary crushing machinery, and it is also the equipment with the best sand making effect among many sand making machines.


The factors of the wear of the roller skin of the roller sand making machine are:

1. The hardness of the ore to be processed. If the hardness and compressive strength of the material is greater than 300MPa, the material is difficult to break and the roller skin is easily worn.

2. The strength of the roller skin material. Generally, it is made of high manganese steel with good wear resistance or special carbon steel (chromium steel, chromium manganese steel, etc.) which can improve the wear resistance of the roll skin.

3. The surface shape, size and operating conditions of the roller. If the roller surface is not smooth, the size does not meet the requirements, or the operation is improper, it will cause the roller skin to wear.

4. Feeding method and feeding size. Uneven distribution during feeding will not only quickly wear the roller skin, but also ring grooves on the surface of the roller, which will result in uneven particle size of the crushed product. During the operation of the crusher, attention should be paid to the size of the feeding material. If the feeding particle size is too large, it will produce severe impact, and the wear of the roller skin will be serious, especially when it is coarsely crushed.

5. How the rollers move. When you need to change the crushing ratio and move the rollers, the rollers must be moved in parallel to prevent the rollers from skewing, resulting in rapid and uneven wear of the roller skin.


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