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limestone processing line


Limestone is calcareous sedimentary rocks formed at the bottom of lakes and seas with the accumulation of shells, bones and other calcium rich goods. It is composed of calcite (CaCO3). The organic matter upon which it settles in lakes or seas, are preserved as fossils. Over thousands and millions of years, layer after layer is built up adding weight. The heat and pressure causes chemical reaction at the bottom and the sediments turn into solid stone, the limestone. The rock which contains more than 95% of calcium carbonate is known as high-calcium limestone. Recrystallised limestone takes good polish and is usually used asdecorative and building stone.

Crushing Processing Flow

Stage1: broken
The kaolin bulk material is crushed into a fineness of the mill (15mm-50mm) by crusher.
Stage2: milling
Crushed kaolin small pieces of material by the hoist to the silo, and then by the vibration feeder to its uniform quantitative into the mill grinding room for grinding.
Fine powder processing generally used LM vertical grinding, MTW European version of the mill, TGM overpressure trapezium milling machine; ultrafine powder processing generally use LUM ultra-fine vertical grinding, HGM ring roller micro-grinding machine.
Stage3: classification
After grinding the material by the separator for grading, unqualified powder was classified after the separator to return to the host to re-grinding.
Stage4: set powder
Fineness of the powder with the air flow through the pipeline into the dust collector for separation and collection, the collection of finished powder from the discharge port by the conveyor to the finished silo, and then unified with a loaded tanker or automatic baler for packaging.   

Necessary Equipments


100-120 TPH Portable Limestone Crushing Plant in Chile

MATERIAL: Limestone

OUTPUT SIZE: 0-6mm, 5-14mm, 14-25mm



300TPH Limestone Crushing Plant in Colombia

MATERIAL: Limestone

OUTPUT SIZE: 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm


CAPACITY: 300 t/h


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm