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Kefid MB5X pendulous roller mill is suitable for processing wollastonite powder

Posted: 2018 06 14 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 211

Wollastonite is a triclinic, thin plate-like crystal belonging to single-chain silicate minerals. It is usually in sheet, radial or fibrous aggregates. Wollastonite has chemical corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, low water absorption and oil absorption value, excellent mechanical and electrical properties. After being ground into fine powder, it can be used as additives or fillers in rubber, plastics, papermaking, coatings, ceramics, cement and other industries.
For the wollastonite grinding equipment, raymond mill, vertical mill, European type grinding mill and other machines can meet the processing requirements. Among them, the MB5X pendulous roller mill is the upgrade product of traditional raymond mill. It adopts advanced technology such as bevel gear integrated transmission. Under the same power, the output is 20% higher than traditional raymond mill and pendulum mill. It is the ideal equipment for processing wollastonite powder.
Not only that, MB5X pendulous roll mill has done very well in terms of intelligence and environmental protection. The equipment uses thin oil lubricated roller device, which changes the oil in about 4 months, and the maintenance cost is low. Usually only 2-3 people operating are needed. The machine is equipped with advanced dust collectors, which can meet the national environmental protection production standards. It has been favored and recognized by many customers in the powder processing industry.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm