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The application advantages and processing preparation of slag powder in concrete industry

Posted: 2019 07 11 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 429

The slag, also known as granulated blast furnace slag, is a by-product of blast furnace ironmaking. It has high potential activity and hydraulic hardness. After processing into powder, it can be used as an important admixture in the concrete industry.


The application advantages of slag powder in the concrete industry are:

1. Improve the workability of concrete

The slag powder has a small water demand, which can reduce the water-to-binder ratio of concrete and reduce the amount of concrete bleeding, thereby increasing its fluidity, workability and pumpability, so as to maintain good workability.

2. Reduce the heat of hydration of concrete

Since a part of the cement can be replaced by an equal amount, the heat release during the hydration of the cement is reduced, thereby reducing the temperature rise of the concrete and avoiding cracking of the concrete caused by the excessive temperature rise of the concrete.

3. Improve the strength of concrete

Without changing the water-cement ratio, some of the mineral powder is used to replace the cement into the concrete, and the strength of the concrete is improved due to the effect of temperature rise.

4. Reinforce the durability of concrete

The mineral powder is added to reduce the corrosiveness of the cement, and the finer ore fine powder is evenly distributed in the cement, so that the concrete can inhibit the alkali aggregate reaction, improve the sulfate resistance and enhance the seawater corrosion resistance.

Regarding the selection and preparation of slag powder, vertical mill is widely used in the market. The equipment set crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation in one. The system is simple, and the two processes of grinding and powder selection can be carried out through one equipment. Compared with the ball mill, vertical mill has a vertical structure and a small footprint, which is about 50% of the ball mill. The important parts are made of high wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant and durable, and the wearing parts are long-lived.The electricity consume is also small, saving energy by about 30% to 40% compared to the ball mill, which can save future operating expenses.

We can design a production line with an annual output of 50,000-600,000 tons of slag powder, which can provide EPC project general contracting services from project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning to personnel training, after-sales service and quality. A number of slag micro-powder processing sites have been established, and on-site inspections can be made to see the production process of the ore powder and the operation of the equipment.

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