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Kefid professional crushers assist construction of national infrastructure projects

Posted: 2019 09 19 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 206

Infrastructure projects are infrastructure construction projects. The infrastructure mainly includes transportation, airports, ports, bridges, communications, water supply and urban water supply and drainage, power supply facilities and fixed assets required to provide intangible products or services to departments such as science, education, culture and health. It is the common material basis for all enterprises, units and residents to produce and operate work and life and is the guarantee for the normal operation of urban main facilities.


For infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges and railway construction, Kefid has a wealth of solutions,whether it is the sandstone concrete production process or the construction material production equipment.

For sandstone concrete production process, Kefid equipments are divided into four types according to the feeding size: coarse type, medium grain type, fine grain type and sand type.

For coarse material, Kefid has PE jaw crusher: it has a gasket type discharge port adjusting device, the discharge port has a large adjustment range and strong flexibility; the crushing ratio is large, the crushing chamber has no dead zone, the noise is low with less dust.

For medium-sized raw materials, Kefid has impact crusher: high-chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, anti-wear, impact force; convenient adjustment, effective control of the granularity of discharge; no key connection, full crushing function, high productivity.

For fine-grained raw materials, Kefid has HPT cone crusher: optimized structure with fixed spindle and small spherical axis; with various crushing chamber type, hydraulic device, thin oil lubrication system; crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing excellent combination of cavity shape design.

For sand-type raw materials, Kefid has 5X sand making machine: it has a coarse-grinding combined hammer design, core wear-resistant material; more accurate launch port and smoother internal design; uniform particle size for shaping.

A wide range of equipment to meet your multi-faceted needs. Whether it is roads, bridges, railway construction, port or airport construction, Kefid will provide you with satisfactory equipment and services.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm