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Kefid vertical coal mill assists steel plant blast furnace injection pulverized coal system

Posted: 2019 11 22 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 390

Vertical coal mill, also known as medium speed coal mill, is the Kefid's equipment for the preparation of blast furnace pulverized coal for the domestic market demand, combining modern technology with years of experience in mill manufacturing. The equipment integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying, and realizes the “one-step” milling process in the form of drying and milling in one form.


The Kefid vertical coal mill has been researched and tested many times, using nitrogen inerting technology in the mixed coal milling process, which increases the reliability and prevents the explosion of coal powder for the whole coal grinding system. It is suitable for the production of anthracite coal, bituminous coal, lignite and other different raw coal.

The one-step preparation system process is as follows:

1. The raw coal → sieved by grid screen → fall onto the large inclined belt conveyor or hoist → iron remove → sent to the coal bunker for storage;

2. Start the milling system → open the bottom bar valve of the coal bunker → start the sealing metering tape coal feeder → raw coal is sent to the vertical coal mill for drying and grinding;

3. The hot air or exhaust gas from the hot blast stove → the fan is pumped into the vertical coal mill → after heat exchange with the milled raw coal in the mill → the pulverized coal is sorted at the separator → the coarse coal powder with unqualified fineness is re-grinded on the grinding disc, and the qualified coal powder is collected with the airflow into the explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector → after being discharged into the coal powder bin through the dividing wheel.

The impurities in the raw coal, such as some coal gangue, metal blocks are excluded from the grinding through the wind ring and the spit slag. In the whole process, CO-O2 online analysis system is set up. When processing coal with higher volatile content, safety measures such as nitrogen protection and CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be set.

At present, Kefid vertical coal mill has been applied to the blast furnace injection pulverized coal preparation system of many steel plants at home and abroad, which has delivered a large number of high-quality combustion pulverized coal powder to the steel mill, which greatly reduced the steel plant energy consumption.

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