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Kefid's river pebble sand making machine

Posted: 2020 07 16 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 510

River pebbles are taken from the river channel, with high hardness and good pressure resistance. It is a common raw material for producing mechanism sand. The mechanism sand produced has good quality which is comparable to river sand. It can be used for building houses, highways, railways and other projects. In addition, pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, bluestone and other stones are also commonly used raw materials for sand making.


In the field of mechanism sand, there are currently several models: fixed sand production lines, mobile sand production lines and floor sand production lines.

1. Fixed sand production line

It is a production line composed of crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment. The sand making machine is generally used in the three-stage crushing, which can process the crushed stone material into sand. In the production line, the commonly used sand making machine after the primary jaw crusher and the secondary cone crusher/impact crusher, if the raw material is small, the sand making machine can also be used alone.

2. Mobile sand production line

That is, a production line equipped with a mobile sand making machine. Compared with a fixed sand making machine, a mobile sand making machine is to install the sand making machine on a vehicle-mounted system without fixed installation. It is easy to switch venues.

3. Floor-type sand production line

That is, the sand-making form of the tower-type sand-making system is adopted. The whole system adopts the tower-type all-steel frame layout, and the plates such as sand making machine, stone powder separation chamber, and mold-controlled screen are concentrated in the tower, occupying a small area, and the entire system is complete sealed production, which can control the dust emission, does not require an external plant.It is a new type of sand making.


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