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The process of making sand from river pebble

Posted: 2020 10 23 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 137

River pebble sand making is a common mechanism sand making process. River pebble is a common stone, often used for architectural decoration and it is also one of the main raw materials for artificial sand. After being processed by sand making equipment, river pebbles can replace river sand for concrete aggregates, high-speed railways, highways, railways and other industries.


Sand making from river pebble requires four steps: feeding, coarse crushing, fine crushing and sand making. The manufacturing equipment that needs to be used mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine. Auxiliary equipment must use feeders, conveyors, vibrating screen and some dust and noise reduction devices, etc.

When making sand, firstly, the river pebbles are uniformly transported to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The crushed river pebbles are then screened by the vibrating screen, and then the river pebbles that meet the feed requirements of the impact crusher will be sent to the impact crusher for fine crushing, and then enters the sand making machine for sand making treatment. After the sand is made, it is screened again by the vibrating screen. The sand that meets the requirements is sent to the finished product area by the conveyor.The unqualified products will be re-crushing until it meets the requirement.


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