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The contents of the EPC project package

Posted: 2020 11 27 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 310

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project general contracting refers to the project contracting company, in accordance with the contract, starting from the design of the project, doing all the work in all stages such as follow-up budgeting, equipment and material procurement, construction, trial operation, acceptance, and finally submit one to the customer projects that meet customer requirements and have complete functions and conditions of use.


EPC project general contract, from design, production, installation to trial operation and other links are undertaken by our company, the project quality is guaranteed, and the construction period is greatly shortened. Our company implements all aspects of quality control, and customers can monitor the progress of the project in real time.

For projects with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complex technology, and strong uncertain factors, it is conducive to the control of costs and schedules and reduces investment risks.

In the EPC project general contract, Kefid can provide customers with a one-stop, full set of professional solutions, so that investors are worry-free throughout the process, especially for pure investment customers who do not know much about equipment in terms of technology and theory, etc. It makes the needs and positioning of the project clearer, and at the same time makes the customer's choice of equipment more accurate, while reducing energy and financial resources.

For more questions about the EPC project general package, please contact our 24hour online customer service, we will have a professional to introduce you in detail.


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