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The accessories of the jaw crusher

Posted: 2019 10 25 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 299

Tooth plate

The tooth plate is made of ZGMn13Cr2 material. This product adds a certain amount of chromium to the original high manganese steel to improve the hardness of the product. The castings are simultaneously treated with water toughness. After the water tough treatment, the castings have high tensile strength, toughness, plasticity and non-magnetic properties, making the tooth plates more durable. When subjected to severe impact and strong pressure deformation during use, the surface is work hardened and martensite is formed to form a high wear-resistant surface layer, while the inner layer maintains excellent toughness, even if it is worn to a very thin withstand a large impact load.



The jaw crusher bracket is made of HT200 material, and the chemical composition of the raw material is stable to ensure its mechanical properties. When subjected to an external force greater than the rated load, it can quickly break to protect host from damage and the motor will not be burned out.


According to the well-known "stone hit stone" crusher principle of American Mark Company, combined with the actual situation of domestic crushing production, we have developed a new type of wear-resistant hammer head to improve production efficiency.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm