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The advantages of hydraulic cone crusher

Posted: 2019 01 10 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 232

(1) Hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, omitting the complicated adjustment ring, support ring parts and spring parts of the spring type, the structure is simplified and the weight is light;

(2) The working principle of the hydraulic cone crusher is continuously crush the material with the rotation of the moving cone, and the production efficiency is high and the work is stable;


(3) Hydraulic cone crusher can change the eccentricity by replacing the eccentric bushing to meet the needs of different crushing materials;

(4) There are bearings on the upper and lower parts of the hydraulic cone crusher main shaft, which improves the stress of the main shaft;

(5) Since the moving cone main shaft of the hydraulic crusher adopts the simple supported beam structure, the eccentric angle of the moving cone main shaft is small, generally only equivalent to 1/2 of the spring type, so the crushing cone is relatively steep and the crushing chamber is long, thereby improving the uniformity of the crushed ore;

(6) Hydraulic cone crusher adjusts the discharge port and only needs to operate the hydraulic system control valve to complete the adjustment procedure. If you encounter iron stuck, you only need to control the hydraulic cone to control the moving cone up and down to eliminate, reducing the labor intensity and technical difficulty of the operator.

(7) The hydraulic cone crusher adopts the sealed cylinder structure to be dustproof, which is more reliable than the spring type water seal. In addition to the additional supply and drainage problems, the spring type water seal also has oil-water mixing, which causes poor lubrication failure.


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