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Can Kefid produce colored concrete?

Posted: 2019 02 19 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 153

Cement concrete has a very wide range of uses. It can not only be used as building materials, but also has decorative effect.

However, the biggest drawback of cement concrete is that its appearance is dull and gray. So people try to do some proper treatment on the walls, floors and roofs of buildings to make the surface of ordinary cement concrete have colors, lines and decorative effects. This kind of concrete with artistic effects is called decorative concrete, and colored concrete is one of them.

Colored concrete is a kind of concrete made up of white cement, colored cement or white cement mixed with colored pigments, colored aggregates and white or light colored aggregates in a certain proportion. Colored concrete makes people easily realize the ideal of harmonious coexistence and integration between buildings and human and natural environments.

As one of the professional production bases of crushing and screening equipment, industrial grinding equipment and mineral processing equipment, Kefid has rich industry experience and can produce sand and aggregate for colored concrete.

Kefid's Jaw crusher, HPT hydraulic cone crusher, Deep rotor VSI crusher, VSI6S Vertical shaft impact crusher and other crushing equipment can continuously process the required good quality sand and aggregate for infrastructure construction projects such as expressway, railway and water conservancy projects. Kefid attaches great importance to the investment of product innovation funds. It has become the leader in equipment reliability, energy saving and other aspects. Through the continuous optimization and combination of equipment, kefid strives to create differentiated products to meet users' multi-faceted and personalized needs.

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