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The blockage reasons for sand making machine

Posted: 2019 02 21 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 278

The blockage is a common problem in the production of sand making machines. The reasons are as follows:


1. The material has a large water content

If the material has large water content, it may stick to the sand making machine. An effective solution is to pre-heat and other treatment at the inlet.

2. The material is too hard or too large

When the material is too hard or too large, which exceeds the crushing range of the sand making machine, it may cause clogging problems. The size of the broken material cannot exceed the specified range and hardness.

3. Feeding speed is too fast

The feeding speed and the processing speed are not well matched, the feeding is fast, the crushing is slow, and the equipment has overload work, which may cause the blockage, so it is necessary to ensure the feeding uniformity and continuity to reduce material blockage.

4. V-belt tightness is not appropriate

The production process of the sand making machine is to transfer the power to the sheave by the V-belt, and then crush the stone. When the triangular belt is loose, it will cause slipping. The material cannot be subjected to normal crushing force, and cannot be crushed in the crushing chamber, and then the material blockage occurs.

5. Adjustment of the discharge port is improper

In the production process of the crusher, if the speed of discharging material is too slow, the material that is subsequently crushed will be accumulated in the discharge port and the crushing cavity, causing the blockage.

6. Coordination of production line equipment

For example, if the transportation capacity of the conveyor exceeds the crushing capacity, the material is not crushed, and the material behind it quickly enters the crusher, causing the blockage.

7. Improper manual operation

This is one of the more common reasons for blockage. The operator of the sand making machine must undergo systematic training to understand the familiarity of the equipment before it can be employed. Otherwise, it will not only cause low production capacity of the equipment, but also cause damage to the equipment.

8. Device problems

Mistakes in the selection of the sand making machine will also cause blockage during the production process. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the technicians when purchasing, inform the technicians of the materials to be crushed, the size of the materials and select the appropriate machine model.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm