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The selling points of impact crusher

Posted: 2019 04 04 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 484

1. The impact crusher adopts the hydraulic open-top device (opening the hinged frame cover), which can quickly replace the wearing parts such as the hammer and reduce the downtime and maintenance time.

2. The hydraulic device is used to adjust the gap between the rotor and the impact plate to flexibly adjust the discharge granularity, which is convenient and quick.


3. Heavy-duty rotor welded by steel plate. The impact crusher has greater rotational inertia, and at the same speed, the crushing force is greater and the efficiency is higher.

4. The bearing size is larger and the bearing capacity is higher.

5. The bearing seat adopts the integral cast steel structure to ensure complete cooperation with the impact crusher frame, which increases the radial strength of the bearing seat; the dustproof and waterproof effect is good, and the bearing is protected.

6. The crescent-shaped hammer can increase the thickness and height of the hammer part, and the crushing efficiency is larger; the impact surface is larger and more durable than the straight type.

7. The plate hammer adopts the axial limit device fixed by the wedge, so that the faster the rotor speed, the harder the plate hammer is fixed, the use is stable and reliable, and the replacement is also convenient.

8. The impact frame adopts wave design, which has stronger impact resistance and wear resistance, and has higher crushing efficiency.

9. Impact crusher has two chambers and three chambers of various models to meet the crushing requirements of coarse and medium fine crushing operations.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm