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Kefid build a complete set of clean coal powder production line for customers

Posted: Mar 17, 2017 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

Coal powder preparation is to pulverize coal into fineness of qualified coal particles, so the host equipment need to use the mill (European type grinding mill, vertical mill, raymond mill, etc.), but also need to configure the relevant control systems, fire protection systems, temperature detection systems and other auxiliary systems. Kefid clean coal powder production line is as follows:
Host equipment: MTW European type grinding mill
MTW series European type grinding mill is the fourth generation upgrading equipment of the traditional raymond mill. The equipment adopts bevel gear transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, oil temperature on-line measurement and many other advanced technologies. It has a number of independent patented technologies and has the advantages of small footprint, low total investment, low running cost, high efficiency and environmental protection,etc.
System components: silo, MTW European type grinding mill, dust collector, fan, iron separator, drying system, transportation system and so on.
Auxiliary system:
1. Nitrogen system: After the compressor compressed,the air will flow into the air diffuser from the bottom of adsorption tower, after the spread, even into the adsorption tower for oxygen and nitrogen adsorption separation.We can get nitrogen from the exit.
2. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system: Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing is mainly the role of asphyxia and cooling effect.
3. Temperature detection fire alarm system: mainly through the protection zone temperature exceeds the preset alarm temperature, the nitrogen start carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system on the alarm area. Can be used for alarm or chain control.
4. Pneumatic conveying system: Pneumatic conveying system is mainly used for the long-distance transportation of dry powder and granule products, and use pressurized gas as the carrier to transport the bulk material or molding material in the sealed pipe.
5. Central control system: The central control system takes the industrial computer as the core unit of the whole system, reads the PLC (programmable controller) or the ECS (the intelligent control system) through the many kinds of communication technologies, gathers the scene equipment condition, equipment status, issued by the computer command to control the scene of the equipment.
At present, Kefid complete sets of clean coal powder production line has been widely used in the production of pulverized coal in many power plants, steel mills, cement plants and lime kilns.It won the praise of many customers.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm