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Kefid is the high-class manufacturer of bentonite grinding mill

Posted: Oct 18, 2017 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

Bentonite is montmorillonite-based water-bearing clay ore. The chemical composition of montmorillonite is: (Al2, Mg3) Si4O10 OH2 NH2O. Because it has special properties, such as swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalytic, thixotropy, suspension and cation exchange, after grinding into powder, it can be widely used in metallurgy, steel, feed, cosmetics, paper, medicine, chemicals, oil and other industrial areas.
The Mohs hardness of bentonite is 1 to 2 which belongs to soft texture non-metallic mineral. If the ore feed size is relatively large, we can crush it firstly. If the raw material has high water content, we need to natural or hot dry to remove water (water content ≤12% -6%). In order to prevent changes in the structure of bentonite due to changes in the performance of bentonite, drying temperature should be less than 250 ℃, and time is not too long.
Next, is the grinding process.We can send bentonite raw materials into the mill for grinding to produce the required fineness of powder. At present, the commonly used bentonite mill, such as European type grinding mill, overpressure trapezium mill and vertical mill and other equipments, the fineness is adjustable between 80-425 mesh.
Kefid is a powerful large-scale crushing and grinding equipment manufacturer to provide a full range of bentonite production process and mill equipment configuration. At present, Kefid bentonite mill has been applied to many countries and regions around the world. the feedback is good. Welcome to contact our 24hour online customer service for more details!


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm