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How to maintain the impeller of sand making machine?

Posted: Feb 02, 2018 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

With the development of construction industry, the requirement of sand is becoming larger and larger. It is very essential to choose a good quality and high efficiency sand making machine. In order to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment, you should check and maintain it regularly so as to avoid equipment problem and stop production, which will cause large loss.

The core parts should be paid special attention for the maintenance of sand making machine. Impeller is one of the core parts and it is also one of the most vulnerable parts. Protecting the impeller and improving its stability can not only effectively enhance the working efficiency of the sand making machine, but also prolong its service life.

To avoid damage of impeller, particle size of the material should not exceed the regulation, the large size particle will wear the impeller. Besides, the raw materials should be sent into machine evenly and continuously to avoid the uneven force of the impeller and shorten the life of the impeller. when you want to stop machine, you should stop feeding materials firstly to avoid damage impeller. It is necessary to check the abrasion of the impeller device and replacement of damaged impellers to ensure the normal production.


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