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How to make good maintenance for crusher?

Posted: Nov 17, 2016 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views:

In stone production, crusher is the most commonly used equipment. The wear and tear on the equipment is relatively large. Therefore, to ensure the normal production, we should make good maintenance for crusher, especially in winter.
1.clean the crusher
Regular cleaning the chassis and appearance of the equipment can play the role of cleaning decontamination. In the cleaning process,we can also find component damage and leakage of oil and other issues. Prohibited use high-pressure high-temperature water gun to wash the waterproof parts, especially the electrical part. and replace oil
1)Selection of fuel oil. In order to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engines, diesel should be selected lower pour point one.
2)The replacement of diesel engine oil. Diesel engine should be selected viscosity, low-temperature high-performance engine oil.
3)Replace the oil and grease.
3.the maintenance of spare parts
1)Diesel cooling system maintenance: Check the working state of the thermostat to prevent the diesel engine water temperature is too low or too high; select the long-term antifreeze below the minimum temperature about 10 ℃ of machine located; There is silt deposition in tank, immediately clear.
2)Maintenance of electrical equipment: Check the motor wiring of the battery; check and adjust the electrolyte density; maintenance start motor, increase the generator charging voltage; we should always recharge the battery in winter.
3)Brake system maintenance: Check brake fluid is sufficient, crushing quality is worse; check oil-water separator, put dirty switch is working properly.


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