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The working principle and application area of Kefid VU sand and gravel aggregate optimization system

Posted: 2019 02 25 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 423

The VU dry sand making system consists of VU sand making machine, VU mode control screen, VU grain machine, humidifying agitator, dust collector and central control system.


The raw materials are sent into the VU sand making machine by elevator, and after being ground by high-frequency stone grinding, they enter the mold-controlled screen. After sorting, according to the screening result, the sieve material returns to the VU sand making machine for re-crushing, and the sieved material enters the VU grain machine to carry out the material shaping. At the same time, the whole mold-controlled screen controls the amount of powder contained in the material through the wind selection of the dust collector, and finally the material discharged from the VU grain machine is uniformly mixed by the humidifying mixer. After the VU aggregate optimization system is processed, the output grade is reasonable, the granular shape is round, the finished powder with controllable powder content, and the high quality stone powder which is dry and clean and can be uniformly recycled and used.

VU system processes the raw material, like tailings, rubbish and construction waste, with the dry method, which is controllable and environment friendly. The final products is comparable to the natural sand, which can meet the following requirements.

1. Sand making for concrete batching plant and dry-mixed mortar

a. Operation is similar with the previous batching plant

b. Own-produce and own-use assure the good-quality sand providing, optimizing the concrete mixing proportion.

c. Increase the interests

2. Sand making for the mining chips

a. Processing the chips (large amount and lower sales) from the mining processing. 

b. Enrich the final products, meet the downstream customers` needs for all kinds of aggregate.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm