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Kefid cone crusher

Posted: 2020 02 16 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 283

Cone crusher is mainly used for fine stone crushing. The medium and fine crushing cone crusher has large processing capacity, low power consumption, large crushing ratio and uniform product size. It is widely used in sand and gravel yards, concrete sand making, dry powder mortar, construction waste, mechanism sand and other industries. At present cone crushers can be divided into spring cone crushers, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers.


1.HPT series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. It has technological advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, greatly increased output and uniform particle size. The proprietary lamination crushing principle is adopted to produce the crushing effect between the particles, the pin-shaped stones are reduced, and the particle size is more uniform.

2. HST series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, which integrates discharge opening adjustment and overload protection functions, which simplifies the structure and enhances reliability. Each specification has different cavity types, which can meet different crushing requirements. It has the features of low production cost, easy maintenance and adjustment, and excellent crushed product shape.

3. CS series spring cone crusher, based on the principle of lamination crushing and the concept of multi-breaking and less grinding, is a high-performance spring cone crusher that combines high swing frequency, optimized cavity shape and reasonable stroke. The large-diameter spindle and heavy-duty main frame ensure that the equipment is durable and reliable. Multi-point controlled independent thin oil lubrication system can ensure double protection of bearing lubrication.

There are many types of cone crusher equipment for processing stones, which are suitable for different actual production needs. When purchasing equipment, you need to properly select the equipment based on the characteristics of the site, the characteristics of the raw material, the discharge specifications and capacity.


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