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The application of vertical shaft impact crusher in production of mechanism sand

Posted: 2020 03 25 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 367

The centrifugal vertical shaft impact crusher, which is a crushing equipment that uses impact energy to crush materials. In recent years, with the explosive development of the mechanism sand industry, it has also become a widely used sand making equipment, and it has a good application effect in the field of stone shaping.


The centrifugal vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly based on the principles of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron", and the two modes can be converted to each other.

"Stone hitting stone" working mode: The motor drives the main shaft of the bearing cylinder to rotate at high speed, and the rotor rotates with the main shaft at high speed. The material entering the impeller is accelerated by the impeller and sprayed into the crushing cavity, interacting with the material lining material formed in the crushing cavity. Impact, grinding, and acceleration of the material to obtain the kinetic energy required to transform it into crushed or shaped material. The material that has been circulated in the crushing cavity multiple times undergoes multiple crushing and shaping under the action of the surrounding gas vortex, thereby achieving continuous crushing and shaping of the material. From the lower part of the body, the required finished materials are formed.

In the case of "stone hitting stone", the finished product has a better grain shape and a slightly higher powder content, which is suitable for the crushing of stones with a hardness above medium and high, such as basalt and basalt. It is mainly used for stone shaping operations.

"Stone hitting iron" working mode: Different from "Stone hitting stone", after the material is ejected from the rotor, it collides with the impact block installed in the crushing chamber, accelerating the material to obtain the energy and colliding with the impact block to achieve the energy. After that, the material is directly discharged from the lower part of the machine body, and multiple cycles of crushing in the crushing cavity cannot be achieved.

"Stone hitting iron" has high crushing efficiency and is suitable for the production of mechanism sand. However, the wear of peripheral guards and other accessories is relatively large. Its structural design and casting process are also important factors affecting the efficiency of sand making machines.

At present, Kefid's VSI, 5X, 6X series vertical shaft impact crusher is very extensive in the field of mechanism sand and has a good reputation of users. Compared with the sand making modes such as double roll crusher and ball mill, vertical shaft impact crusher is not only highly efficient and large in production of mechanism sand, but also the grain size and gradation of the finished product are very ideal, which can reach the standard of fine sand. And its work mode also ensures its durability, which is very suitable for high-hardness sand making materials such as pebbles, river pebbles and granite with lower maintenance costs.

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