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Kefid desulfurization mill technology

Posted: 2020 06 12 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 429

The newly developed mill by Kefid has high desulfurization efficiency,generally can reach more than 95%. The utilization rate of calcium is high, which can reach more than 90%; the flue gas treatment capacity is large, which can be matched with large boilers; the coal type has good adaptability, and the flue gas desulfurization process is standing after the boiler tail flue, and will not interfere with the combustion of the boiler, will not have any impact on the thermal efficiency and utilization rate of the boiler unit. Limestone as a desulfurization absorbent has a wide range of sources and low prices, which is convenient for on-site materials; its by-product gypsum can be used as cement retarder, wallboard material, agricultural soil improvement and repair, mine backfilling, road subgrade, etc.


Kefid trapezium mill is more reliable than raymond mill in terms of technology, performance and high output. The machine adopts a number of national patent technologies for the mill, such as trapezoidal working surface, flexible connection, and roller pressurization, which completely overcomes the traditional industrial mill defects in terms of scope, output, fineness, energy consumption and service life. Because the design of the overpressure trapezium mill fully considers the needs of desulfurization and milling, it can be optimized and matched with the desulfurization equipment to improve the desulfurization efficiency, so it has become the recommended equipment for desulfurization and milling at home and abroad.


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