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The configuration of sand production line for limestone preparation dry-mix mortar

Posted: 2021 01 20 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 539

Limestone is the main raw material for dry-mixed mortar filler. A complete limestone mechanism sand production line is mainly composed of four parts: feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment and conveying equipment.

1. Feeding equipment

The feeding equipment usually uses vibrating feeder. The truck transports the material to the silo, and then the vibrating feeder sends the material to the crusher stably, evenly and quantitatively for crushing.

2. Crushing equipment

It is also the main part of the whole production line. Limestone has low-medium hardness. Generally, jaw crusher is used for primary crushing, impact crusher for secondary crushing, and sand making machine for three-stage crushing. After three stages of crushing, mechanism sand for dry-mix mortar can be produced.


3. Screening equipment

After each stage of crushing, a vibrating screen must be equipped to screen the crushed materials. Those that meet the requirements are sent to the next stage for crushing, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the previous stage of crusher for re-crushing.

4. Conveying equipment

Each machine needs to be connected with conveyor belt for conveying materials.

Different production situation configuration may be changed, the specific plan can be designed according to the actual situation.


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